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You could call me, "a marriage counselor between you and your PC".

Sometimes all it takes is the little computer hints that come with experience to make a difference between loving your laptop and divorcing it for a desktop. Sometime just a little periodic maintenance on your hard drive can make your computer love you again.

Most computer problems, once diagnosed, are fixable and I can fix them. Viruses and spyware removal, software and hardware upgrades can improve the performance of your system and prevent the need to purchase a new computer. However, if you "just want to get a new one" I'll build one for you to do everything you want - at prices that will certainly beat the competition.

It is always a good idea to play it smart and call before there is a real computer problem. Schedule an appointment and we will put you in the direction of computer repair.


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Larry Bain is a proud subcontractor for SONY Larry Bain is a proud subcontractor for DELL Computers

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